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You think that after everything, this hurts?

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There’s never enough kitties for everyone 

Happy Thoughts happy thoughts happy….


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Rivetra Fics


Note: Here are many Rivetra (Levi/Petra) fics you could read! Also, most are drabbles and poems.
I’m certain there are more out there…

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36 Things I will never regret or 36 seconds before death,
A Blessing or Mistake, A Clear Midnight, A Faint…

Anonymous asked:
College AU Headcanon where Levi has a ridiculous dorky crush on Petra and Petra doesn't even know and Hanji always laughs at Levi


The Language of Money

Levi: Open the door

Petra rushes to the door the moment she receives the text. “Yo! What have you gotten for movie night?”

“Chips, chips, chips, and some of that cider you like.” He says, mentally ticking the list of stuff he bought as he removes his shoes by stepping at the heel.

“You’re the best, Levi!” Petra exclaims happily and takes the plastic bag from him.

Unknown to the giddy ginger, Levi’s heart is racing due to the unexpected compliment and if he isn’t trained in the arts of stoic, he’s sure he will look like Hanji whenever she’s discovered something new.

Like damned, the best? Fuck yeah.

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i swear to god next thing you know jean is going to become a titan shifter and connie is going to kill levi because erwin told him to and armin’s parents are alive like isayama needs a plot twist limit

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I have no excuse for this


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Who Holds What: Honey & Spice Edition


Nabbed this from a “send me a ship” meme because I thought it was cute and even though it’s finished, I can’t get Honey & Spice out of my head.

The umbrella, when it rains -

Levi. Petra tends to get distracted by things and dart off, leaving Levi quite wet.

The popcorn at the cinema -

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why the fuck is Kaneki 19 years old when he looks like this underaged innocent shit like


while Ayato is 14/15 years old when he looks like this fricking mature hot ass like


where is the fucking logic