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They could be married for thirty years and Aomine would still act like a third grader with a crush. 

This took forever and I’m really only satisfied with Satsuki?!?

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Title: summer heat
Artist: cloven
Team: Team 1
Theme: flowers
Notes: carnations for love, orange tulips for enthusiasm, daisies for innocence! ♥


dedicated to akahshi

Pairing: Aomine/Momoi
Theme: dessert shopping

"Hey, Satsuki. Get another one of those."

"But…" Momoi hesitated and stood on her toes to try to peer over the clerk’s shoulder, seeing the assortment they’d already picked out. "We already have two of those…"



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KISEKI | ばなな [pixiv] 


【黒バス】2014.5/4「シーズンサヨナラ」 by たかし@(´ω^)


some things never change


don’t worry mikasa you can count on me


I made the sketch last week as a request from a classmate. She really like Aomine and so do I~

Also, I’ve been having a cruddy time recently, so I colored the sketch and added some words to motivate myself.

CHARACTER: Aomine Daiki, Kuroko no Basuke © 藤巻 忠俊 Fujimaki Tadatoshi